Labour Attache in Berlin wants to expand labour market for Thai cooks





On August 5, 2013, Mrs. Gunjanaporn Saigal, Labour Attache at Royal Thai Embassy in Berlin, discussed with Mr. Wannakorn Luearngnapa, Edd’s Thai Restaurant’s operator and a Thai cooking specialist, the advice on expanding German labour market for Thai cooks given by the permanent secretary for Labour when he visited Germany from July 31 – August 3.


To realize the policy, the Labour Sector of the Royal Thai Embassy in Berlin has carried out trainings and skill standard testing on Thai cook to improve capability of Thai workers in Germany. It focuses on using existing resources.


Mrs. Gunjanaporn asked Mr. Wannakorn for cooperation on the policy as he is one of an important personel in the field, who has some 30 year experience on Thai cooking and running the well-known restaurant. Mr. Wannakorn has also written books about Thai recipe and demonstrated how to cook Thai food in many events to promote Thai food among German people.


The Labour Sector will coordinate with other concerned agenices on detailed of the policy before consider implementing it.


Labour Sector of Royal Thai Embassy in Berlin