Thai Labour Sector, German Labour and Social Affairs Ministry discuss cooperation on expansion of labour market for Thai workers



On August 13, 2013, Mrs. Gunjanaporn Saigal, Labour Attache at Royal Thai Embassy in Berlin, met with director of German Labour and Social Affairs Ministry’s international affairs office to exchange information on missions, administrative policies, and free flow of workers in the European Union (EU) in preparation of Thailand’s entering the ASEAN Community in 2015. They also discussed possibility of non-EU workers going to work in Germany, cooperation on skill development for Thai workers in Germany, opportunities for Thai bachelor-degree graduates to receive training in Germany and cooperation on expansion of labour market for Thai massage therapists/nurses.


Following the meeting, the Labour Sector obtained information on selection and preservation of jobs in Germany, skill development measures for unemployed people in Germany, guidelines and limitation on acceptation of non-EU workers in Germany, and progress on expanding labour market for Thai elderly care workers. Now, workers who have required skills can work in Germany, under the Blue Card System, without a bilateral agreement. The new system allows the Labour Sector to expand bilateral cooperation in the future.


Labour Sector of Royal Thai Embassy in Berlin