Thai Trade and Economic Office in Kaohsiung reported that “Minister Pan Shih-Wei: teenagers do not know labour market demand.



Minister of Council of Labour Affairs, Mr Pan Shih-wei addressed a speech at Feng Chia to the graduates in “machine high-technology specialist” program. The attendants are workers who have knowledge in this area working or seeking for a job totally 204 persons which 54% aged between 20-29 years old. After completed the program, 78 of them have been employed.
Mr. Pan Shih Wei stated that teenager’s notion is to study at highest degree and take longest time which causes most of them would only concentrate in studying but never known labour market demand. Mr. Pan further exemplified that for Asia in 2012, teenagers aged between 12-24 years old entered into labour market only 29% in Taiwan, 26% in Korea, 37% in Hong Kong and 41% in Japan respectively.
The solving guideline is to exploit workforces together with increase their quality. CLA therefore planed to push forward arranging training program to enlighten medium-high position workers an extra knowledge which need a coordination from state and private sector as well as institution organization in enhancing workforce’s quality as this program arranged by Occupational Training and Labour Skill Development Department and Fung Chia University in 2012, Minister Pan said at the end.
Source: Central News Office.