Taipei Labour Office Pays Encouragement Visit to Thai Workers Heng Tong Machinery Co., Ltd. In Taoyuan, Taiwan

On the 16th December 2015, Advisor (on labour) Miss Sadudee Kittisuwan as Acting Minister Counsellor (on labour) and officers from the Taipei Labour Office, travelled to provide motivation to 130 Thai workers, presenting food and apparel collected from donations by government officials/officers at the Taipei Labour Office and the Thai team to Heng Tong Machinery Co., Ltd. in Taoyuan. The company had experienced a fire hazard on the 8th of December 2015 leading to personal items and belongings being lost in the blaze. 

On the occasion, Miss Sadudee also took the opportunity to campaign/provide information to the workers on staying away from drugs. Wristbands were also distributed with “I promise to be drug-free” embedded to the Thai workers, as a token in participation with the network in cautioning and being anti-drug use. Apart from this, Miss Sadudee asked workers to maintain hygiene and stay determined in work, sending money back to families. She advised that the workers collect knowledge and use experiences gained from working in Taiwan to develop the nation. Finally, Miss Sadudee emphasized safety amongst Thai workers in order to reduce potential harm.


Taipei Labour Office