Labour Office in Malaysia Visits Thai Employees in Genbina Sdn Bhd

           On the 19th January 2016, the Labour Office in Malaysia led by Minister Counsellor (on labour) Mr. Chaiyot Yoosup, advisor (on labour) Mr. Thanin Loyphiman and officers of the Labour Office in Malaysia visited Genbina Sdn Bhd at the site in Setapak, Kuala Lumpur.



          Genbina Sdn Bhd is a company that provides technological solutions to the oil and waste water management industries. The company had received a project on laying underground pipelines for waste water, spanning a total of 50 kilometers in Kuala Lumpur, called the ‘River of Life’. The project is also the government’s project to improve the landscaping from the Gombak and Klang River. 

            From meeting employers, it was found that the company currently employs 28 people in numerous positions including a Tunneling Manager, Project Manager, Operators and Surveyors, as well as other skills positions. The employers gave highly satisfactory feedback about the Thai workers, as most were experienced and had special skills for underground pipe lining. The employer said that the Thai employees showed responsibility and determination in work, and also planned to employ another 30-40 Thai workers to support the project.