Taipei Labour Office Reports "Survey on Foreign Worker Management and Employment in Taiwan for 2015"

The Taiwanese Ministry of Labour revealed survey results on foreign worker management and employment in 2015. Results showed that foreign workers in the manufacturing industry (construction and industrial factories) worked an average of 210 hours a month, with an average income of 24,581 Taiwan Dollars and 7.7 days of holiday a month. It was found that foreign workers in the construction industry earned an average of 24,890 Taiwan Dollars, higher than those working in industrial factories which earned an average of 24,580 Taiwan Dollars. Foreign workers working as curators in the social welfare sector were found to work more hours with an average of 10.2 hours daily with an average monthly income of merely 18,770 Taiwan Dollars.



The annual survey on foreign worker management and employment had a total of 10,092 respondents. From this statistic, 5,542 worked in the manufacturing sector and 4,550 in the social welfare sector. The main objective of the survey was to retrieve information regarding monthly compensation, working hours and foreign worker welfare to which the Taiwanese Ministry of Labour will consider the information in the process of revising policies on importing foreign workers into Taiwan.

Taipei Labour Office.