Singapore Labour Office Arranges Training for 12th Batch of Labour Volunteers


         On the 14th February 2016, the Singapore Labour Office arranged training for the 12th batch of domestic labour volunteers at the Royal Thai Embassy in Singapore. A total of 130 people applied for the training. 

         Minister Counsellor (on labour) Mr. Sarmart Pattamasukhon gave a speech to commence the training and provided information about working in Singapore. A representative from the Singaporean Ministry of Manpower also shared information regarding benefits and caution for working in Singapore, whereas a representative from the Consular provided advice about the Royal Embassy's services in Singapore. In the afternoon session, Medical Doctor Chan, a doctor in a Singaporean hospital provided advice on health issues. Activities by the labour volunteers were also conducted in the training session, where the event ended with the election of a president for the 12th batch of labour volunteers in Singapore.

         Thai Ambassador to Singapore H.E. Mr. Thongchai Chasawath presented certificates to the 111 participants that passed the training sessino, giving an address to the labour volunteers before ending with a closing speech.