Regional news

Title Updated date
Ubon Ratchathani Labour Office Arranges Meeting to Explain Integrated Inspections with Royal Thai Government and Ministry of Labour for Second Round 11/02/2015
First Round of Government Inspections for 2015 Fiscal Year by Royal Thai Government Inspectors 11/02/2015
Meeting on TO BE NUMBER ONE Association Preparations for Lop Buri Organizations 10/02/2015
Phetchabun Province Arranges Workshop to Strengthen Labour Volunteer Capabilities 06/02/2015
Lop Buri Labour Volunteers Arrange Project for 2015 Fiscal Year to Honour His Majesty the King 06/02/2015
Labour Chief of Krabi Visits Provincial General Service Center by Ministry of Labour 05/02/2015
Lamphun Province Participates in TO BE NUMBER ONE Contest in Mueang Lapoon in the Northern Regional Level 05/02/2015
Pattani Labour Office Joins in Governor’s Temple Visit for 2015 04/02/2015
Phangnga Labour Office Supports Prizes for the Annual Phangnga and Red Cross Fair for 2015 04/02/2015
Ubon Ratchathani Arranges Training on Human Trafficking Laws 04/02/2015
การบูรณาตรวจติดตามการขับเคลื่อนตามนโยบายรัฐบาลและกระทรวงแรงงาน จังหวัดอ่างทอง 31/01/2015
Chaiyaphum Labour Office Arranged Project to Develop and Promote Strength in Local Businesses 30/01/2015
Inspector General from the Ministry of Labour Visits Chachoengsao Province for First Round of Inspections 29/01/2015
Phichit Province Hosts Event under Slogan “Relieving Distress, Sharing Happiness and Creating Phichit the Province of Smiles” for January 2015 29/01/2015
Lop Buri Governor’s Project to Meet The People in 2015 and Visit Households In Poverty in Chai Badan District 28/01/2015
Chaiyaphum Company Wins Award of Excellence in TO BE NUMBER ONE Project for Northeast Region 22/01/2015
Pattani Labour Office Participates in Opening of Provincial Farmer Market Project 22/01/2015
Chon Buri Labour Office Arranges Project to Support Provincial Volunteer Network in 2015 21/01/2015
Ubon Ratchathani Labour Office Meets With Organization to Practice Club Contest on TO BE NUMBER ONE 21/01/2015
Phetchabun Province Arranges Grievance Treatments to the People in for January 2015 16/01/2015