thai labour news

Title Updated date
Taipei Labour Office Advisor (on Labour) Miss Sadudee Kittisuwan Deploys Anti-Drug Campaigns 11/11/2015
Labour Office in Malaysia Visits Thai Workers in Kuala Lumpur 08/11/2015
Minister Counselor (On Labour) from Labour Office in Japan Visits Trainees in Ishikawa Province 21/10/2015
Consular (on Labour) Presides 20th Anniversary Event of Thai Women’s Association in Hong Kong 16/10/2015
Taiwan Labour Office Reports ‘Unemployment Rates Decreased to 3.9 Percent in August 2015’ 15/10/2015
Labour Office in South Korea Arranges Labour Relations Activities 21/08/2015
Labour Office in Malaysia Welcomes Department of Employment’s Inspector and Committee in a Courtesy Call to the Thai Ambassador in Kuala Lumpur 07/08/2015
Labour Office in Taipei Joins “2015 International Workshop on Strategies for Combating Human Trafficking” Meeting 07/08/2015
Taipei Labour Office Reports "Taiwanese Ministry of Labour Reveals Worker Shortage Leading to Necessity for Foreign Workers" 28/07/2015
Taipei Labour Office Reports "Taiwan Permits Import of Vietnamese Workers as Curators and Sea Workers After 11-Year Ban" 28/07/2015
Taipei Labour Office Reports “Republic of the Unions of Myanmar Formally Opens its Representative Office in Taiwan” 09/07/2015
Labour Office in Taipei Participates in First Thai Association’s Annual General Meeting in Taiwan for 2015 27/06/2015
Taipei Labour Office Hosts Lunch to Welcome Thai National Football Team 25/06/2015
Labour Division of Thai Embassy in Berlin Arranges Activities on “5 Commandments for Peaceful Working” by Phra Paisal Visalo 19/06/2015
Labour Minister Performs Missions in Berlin and Munich During 11-15 June 2015 19/06/2015
Malaysia Announces FWCMS System Again fro, 15 June 2015 Onwards 12/06/2015
Taipei Labour Office Participates in Friendly Activities for Foreign Workers in Thaichung City for 2015 10/06/2015
Thai Labour Office in Abu Dhabi Cautions Thai Workers about Protection from MERS Virus 07/06/2015
Labour Office in Japan Participates in Orientation for IM Japan Trainees for 2015 03/06/2015
Labour Office in Japan Welcomes the Ministry of Labour’s Government Inspection Committee 03/06/2015