thai labour news

Title Updated date
Riyadh Labour Office Visits Employers and Thai Workers During May 2015 26/05/2015
Taipei Labour Office Reports “Taiwan Resolves New Labour Law Reducing Working Hours Effective as of 1 January 2016” 24/05/2015
Singaporean Labour Office Welcomes Ministry of Labour Inspector (Mr. Thanich Numnoi) and Committee 22/05/2015
MOL Inspector Mr. Suvit Sumala and Committee Visits Foreign Worker Support Center in Ansan, South Korea 20/05/2015
MOL Inspector Mr. Suvit Sumala and Committee Visits Labour Office in Seoul, South Korea 20/05/2015
Taipei Labour Office Reports “Taiwan President’s International Labour Day Speech” 19/05/2015
Miss Sadudee Kittisuwan Advisor (on Labour) at Taipei Labour Office Welcomes MOL’s Inspector (Mr. Suvit Sumala) and Committee 19/05/2015
Abu Dhabi Labour Office Visits Employers and Employees of Japanese Sports Center LLC. 09/05/2015
Taipei Labour Office Reports Preparation to Recall Withholding of Caretakers and Seamen from Vietnam 18/03/2015
U.A.E. Hopes for More Local Residents to Enter the Workforce 12/03/2015
Labour Office in Abu Dhabi Cautions Thai Workers of Consequences Following Incompletion of Employment Contracts 19/02/2015
Labour Office in Japan Invited to Conduct Orientation in IM Japan for 32 Trainees in Batch 25-10 18/02/2015
Advisor on Labour Suchart Saengourai and Officials from Labour Office in Japan Visit Seafood Processing Trainees in Shiba 11/02/2015
Labour Office in Riyadh Visits Thai Workers in Djebel and Sakaka City 06/02/2015
Labour Office in Taipei Reports News That the “National Development Council Forecasts Labour Shortages in Taiwan” 30/01/2015
Labour Office in Taipei Reports “Taiwanese Ministry of Labour Amends Labour Laws on Employers Demanding Employees to Work on Holidays” 27/01/2015
Labour Office in Singapore Visits Workers and Informs 5 Good Deed Project at Westlite Dormitory (Toh Guan) 27/01/2015
Abu Dhabi Labour Office Visits Employers and Workers in China State Construction 22/01/2015
Taipei Labour Office Reports “Taiwan Plans Test Run for Importing Foreign Labourers in Agriculture” 17/01/2015
Labour Office in Malaysia Participates in Arrangement of 2015 Children’s Day 16/01/2015