Mukdahan Labour Office Arranges Fourth Meeting for Working Committee on Provincial Special Economic Zone (3 Committees)

On the 6th July 2015, at 13.00 hours, Deputy Provincial Governor of Mukdahan Mr. Sornsit Ritsornkrai presided over the fourth working committee’s meeting on the establishment of the Special Economic Zone in Mukdahan (3 committees) for 2015. The committees consisted of 1. A working committee on compensation and benefits, and the One Stop Service Center 2. A working committee on a One Stop Service Center on labour, public administration and stability 3. A working committee on the basic structure and immigration, whereby the second committee included workers from Mukdahan as committee members and the secretary for the meeting in order to monitor the progress of the all 3 committees. Mukdahan’s Labour Chief Mrs. Nopasorn Tungsuksai, chiefs of units in affiliation to the Ministry of Labour and other relevant units in Mukdahan province also participated in the event.