Petchabun Arranges Grievance Therapy and Happiness Promotion Project for July 2015

On the 17th July 2015 at the Baan Joe Woe school in Baan Nern sub-district of Lom Kao district of Petchabun province, Deputy Provincial Governor of Petchabun Mrs. Chataporn Rassadorn presided over the commencement ceremony for the project "grievance therapy and happiness promotion to create smiles amongst the people" for July 2015. Over 40 government units took part in the event, providing necessary services to the local people in order to facilitate convenience to the people and save time and travelling expenses. The Ministry of Labour’s units also provided several services including electrical appliance repair, repair and drainage of motorcycle engine oil, labour advising, job applications, social security payment services, independent career demonstrations and distribution of free souvenirs. Petchabun Labour Chief Mr. Chitchai Somouphaad assigned Labour Academic Miss. Tamonwan Pharat to carry out the services to the people on this occasion, with coordination by labour volunteers in directing the people to the services too.