Pattani Labour Office Meets to Discuss Directions on Illegal Fishing Prevention


The Pattani Labour Office assigned senior expert on labour Mr. Katpetch Busranont to transport accused fishermen and met with relevant units to seek resolutions on illegal fishing. This occurance was a continuation from the Department of Fisheries’ officers, who had arrested fishermen operating bottom trawling fishing within Nong Chik district. The fishermen had also resisted officers leading to injuries and damages to the government inspection vessels. From this incident, the Nong Chik Operation Center visited bottom trawling fishing operators where the fishermen involved in the incident surrendered, claiming to have received distresses from the aforementioned measures. As a result, the fishermen asked the government for assistance. This took place on the 22nd of December 2015 at meeting room 1 on the second floor of the Nong Chik district office in Pattani, where Deputy Provincial Governor Mr. Takingsak Yoksiri presided over the meeting.