Prachuap Khiri Khan Labour Office Highlights Labour Volunteers as Driving Mechanism on Drug Prevention and Resolution

               The Prachuap Khiri Khan Labour Office in collaboration with the Office of the Narcotics Control Board Region 7, highlighted 'labour volunteers' as a driving mechanism for drug use prevention amongst workers in organizations, focusing on knowledge sharing to create immunities and to reduce the spread of drug use in organizations with 10 or less workers. The effort has been aimed to reduce violations or criminal cases, leading to a peaceful society and content people in response to the government's policies. 



            Today (9th February 2016) at 09.00 hours, Prachuap Khiri Khan Deputy Director of Security Colonel Surawut Chutiwit, presided over the commencement of the anti-drugs project in region 7, which took place at the Kao Lak meeting room on the fifth floor of the Prachuap Khiri Khan City Hall. Prachuap Khiri Khan Labour Chief Mrs. Amornkit Saengmay reported that the project aligned with government policies on drug use prevention and resolution, focusing on reducing the number of cases related to drugs and motivating people to exit the cycle of drug-related wrongdoing, to the extent that it no longer impacts society or the people. She added that the project was also aimed to create immunity within society and prevent drug use amongst employers and employees in organizations with a workforce of 10 or less people, utilizing labour volunteers as a driving mechanism.
             Operations on efforts towards drug prevention and resolution must house integration between various sectors including the government sector, private sector and social security in order to reduce drug-related issues, so that it no longer exists in society, criminal cases reduce and the people's satisfaction is enhanced.
             The Ministry of Labour is a primary unit in the mechanism to drive operations on drug prevention and resolution within organizations, by utilizing labour volunteers at the sub-district level as an important channel in sharing information and knowledge to create immunities to drugs amongst workers in organizations with 10 or less employees. The Ministry of Labour’s efforts are aimed to create an awareness of drugs and the spread of drug issues amongst workers and also to create a network on monitoring situations on drug use within companies and communities in the future.
Prachuap Khiri Khan Province of Labour office
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9 February 2016