Khon Kaen Labour Office Arranges Activities to Promote Happiness of Provincial Workforce for 2016

               On the 8th April 2016, the Khon Kaen Labour Office in collaboration with the Ministry of Labour’s affiliated units, initiated a project to promote the happiness of the workforce in Khon Kaen province. The event took place at the 12-rai multi-purpose hall in None Thong sub-district, Nong Ruea district in Khon Kaen, providing services by units affiliated to the Ministry of Labour and other government units to service the local people and to strengthen the informal group of workers. The activities also shared information and understanding about duties and responsibilities according to the democratic system with the monarchy as head of state. The targeted groups consisted of rain gutter builders, agriculturists and OTOP workers, totaling 230 people. Activities consisted of: 

                1. Mobile service units, promoting careers, providing career advisory, providing engineering services, services for Section 40 insurers, a showcase of OTOP products by local informal workers, sharing marketing information, providing beauty services to women and barber services to men, disseminating information about the missions of the Ministry of Labour’s units including networks which form the subcommittee on informal worker management within the province.

                 2. Activities sharing information to informal workers about careers, working safety, social security and legally stated protection for workers, demonstrations on preventing accidents from jobs involving height and preventing dangers from electricity.