Chiang Rai Development Provincial Labour Volunteers for 2016

The Chiang Rai Labour Office led by Provincial Labour Chief Mr. Manoon Sooksrichan, Miss Pailin Jindamneeporn from the Chiang Rai Social Security Office, Chiang Rai’s Skills Development Center’s Director Mr. Chai Meedecha and representatives from the Ministry of Labour’s affiliated units in Chiang Rai, took part in a seminar to develop labour volunteers in Chiang Rai from the 2nd – 3rd April 2016. The seminar took place at Conference Room 3 on the 6th floor of the Ministry of Labour’s center and Koh Wang Kaew resort in Lampang. The seminar was arranged for labour volunteer leaders within 124 sub-districts, sharing information on missions and service processes of the Ministry of Labour’s affiliated units in Chiang Rai, in order to allow labour volunteers to help coordinate further with the local people.

The labour volunteer leaders visited the Lanna Chicken Farm in Mae Suk, Chaehom in Lampang, which shared information on rusa dear farming, goat farming, pig farming, chicken farming and agricultural work, in order for the labour volunteers to further share their knowledge with the local people, helping to create an income, careers, sustainable living according to the sustainable economy philosophy. For more pictures, click (