Khon Kaen Informal Worker Networks Meet Under Thai Workers’ Happiness Project

On the 12th May 2016, the Khon Kaen Labour Office joined with the Ministry of Labour’s affiliated units, the Provincial Commerce Office and the Office of Agriculture and Cooperatives in Khon Kaen, on a visit to rice planters in Nam Phong district. The meeting took place at the Baan Duang Nong Yah Rangka School in Village No.  6, Nam Phong Sub-district, Nam Phong District, Khon Kaen Province. The visit was aimed to help the group in marketing and meeting GAP standards, as well as provide information about labour protection, Section 40 of the social security system, registration for home workers and registration for professional training. Mr. Supachai Leekaosoong, Nam Phong Chief District Officer, joined in the meeting with the rice growers and the Japan International Labour Foundation (JILAF). Members of the Nam Phong District Office also observed the event, which had a total of 60 participants.