“Pol.Gen. Adul” Reports Taiwanese Authorities to Allow Illegal Foreign Workers To Report Back to Home Countries

Saturday, 09 February 2019


The Labour Minister warned Thai workers in Taiwan who traveled to work illegally, to quickly notify intention to return to Thailand and then return to work legally in order to be treated with legal benefits. The warning comes after Taiwanese authorities issued a notice allowing illegal foreign workers to report back to respective countries immediately, requiring only travel documents and plane tickets, with assurance of not being imprisoned.

            Today (February 9, 2019), Labour Minister, H.E. Police General Adul Sangsingkeo spoke about the announcement by Taiwanese authorities on a special project to reduce penalties for foreigners overstaying visas which includes foreign workers fleeing from employers to becoming illegal workers and those who have overstayed their visas. The project allows people under such circumstance to surrender and return to their respective countries between January 1 – June 30, 2019. The announcement said: 1) Regardless of how long the visa overstay is, the fine will be reduced to 2,000 Taiwanese Dollars. 2) If fleeing or overstaying visas under 3 years, foreigners will not be restricted on entering Taiwan and can return to Taiwan legally, whereas overstays exceeding 3 years will have half the time limit deducted from restriction of entering Taiwan. 3) Persons wishing to surrender are asked to prepare travel documents (passports) and plane tickets to report to the local immigration office without being detained if the travel documents and air tickets are ready. Once complete, the person can travel back to the country immediately. 4) This special project is from January 1 – June 30, 2019 and 5) If violations are found during or at the end of the project, violators will have to pay a fine and be restricted to entering Taiwan according to the original penalty with maximum fine of 10,000 Taiwanese Dollars and restriction on entry to Taiwan for 3 years or more.
            Pol.Gen. Adul said that the Ministry of Labour warned illegal Thai workers in Taiwan or overstaying visas to surrender by reporting to the local immigration office, to return to the country. People intending to travel to work in Taiwan can contact the Ministry of Labour’s Department of Employment, ask for more details at the Overseas Employment Administration Division 02-245 1034 or the Ministry of Labour’s 1506 hotline, press 2 for the Department of Employment.
            "I would like to remind Thai people who travel to work abroad to go legally to ensure they are compensated according to the regulations and are protected from the authorities. Illegal workers will find difficulty getting help and will not be able to claim any rights from employers. Therefore, I ask that Thai workers be aware of traveling to work in accordance with the law and to study relevant details carefully before making the decision to work abroad,” concluded Pol.Gen. Adul.



Spokesperson and Publication Sub-Division/
Division of Public Relations/
News by Nattaporn Chuean-iam/
9 February 2019/