“Pol.Gen. Adul” Advises Thai Workers in Korea to Know the Language and Develop Skills Before Return

          The Labour Minister gave a speech among Thai workers traveling to work in South Korea under the EPS system and advised that the workers learn the language, improve skills and motivation to collect experience and bring knowledge back to develop the country further.


         On February 11, 2019, Labour Minister, H.E. Police General Adul Sangsingkeo, in a visit to meet 200 Thai workers traveling to work in South Korea under the EPS program, gave words of encouragement and a speech. The workers were mainly going to work in the industrial sector, and the meeting took place at the Jompol P. Pibulsongkram Conference Room, 5th floor, Ministry of Labour. The Labour Minister congratulated everyone traveling to work in South Korea, saying that to get to this stage, they had to learn and practice Korean language and skills to be competitive in the work assessments for South Korea according to the foreign employment system, which is consistent with the 20-year national strategy that focuses on the development and strengthening of human resources. It focuses on growth in all dimensions and in every day to become moral, talented and quality people for the 21st century, where essential skills are language communication skills, especially in the third language.
         Pol.Gen. Adul said that Korean language will be a part in developing and upgrading the potential of the country in various dimensions based on three concepts, namely "adding to the past" by increasing value and applying this together with technology and innovation as a new economic base in the next phase, consistent with the context of the economy and society in the modern world. "Adjusting the present" is the next concept to pave the way for the future, as with technological changes, labour skills must be at the ready and the people must raise their potentials. The final concept is "creating new value for the future" by enhancing individual potentials whether it is career or language, wholly beneficial for development. The Labour Minister added that all Thai workers who go to work abroad are an essential force to drive the nation to stability and sustainability by developing sufficient economy philosophy and not leaving anyone behind. The Labour Minister also asked that all workers be motivated to work.
         There are currently 420,000 Thai workers abroad. In 2019, the Ministry of Labour’s Department of Employment aims to send 45,000 Thai workers to work in foreign countries. Of these, 6,000 Thai workers are projected to be deployed to Korea, whereby Thai workers abroad generate an income of over 140,000 million Baht annually.
         At the end, a famous artist, Mike Phiromporn, played a small concert to boost morale and encouragement for the Thai workers traveling abroad.


Division of Public Relations/
News by Chaninthorn Phettab/
Photos by Sompob Silbut/
11 February 2019/