MOL Visits Chanthaburi for Official Matters

Friday, 15 March 2019
          On March 14, 2019, Deputy Director of the Department of Labour Protection and Welfare and acting Inspector-General for the Ministry of Labour Mr. Todsaphon kritwongwiman, alongside Inspector-General for the Department of Labour Protection and Welfare Mr. Manoch Seangkaew and Inspector-General for the Social Security Office, Mr. Seela Keotabhand traveled to monitor the performance of agencies under the Ministry of Labour following an official examination for 2019 in Chanthaburi province. The visiting committee discussed official matters with Chanthaburi Provincial Governor, Mr. Witurach Srinam and attended a meeting with the heads of government agencies under the Ministry of Labour at Meeting Room 3, Chanthaburi Government Center, to follow up the progress of civil service operations according to the official plan, for the second time. In this regard, the agencies in Chanthaburi under the Ministry of Labour have driven the mission following the work plans of the assigned agencies and in the coordination of the work of with agencies under the Ministry of Labour, Chanthaburi province has performed well overall.
          Along with this, the visiting party spread awareness to employees in the social security system to take health examination according to their entitled benefits, promoted employment of young workers, promoted employment and a better quality of life among the elderly, promoted employment for workers with disabilities and encouraged neutralization during the election campaigns. They also requested cooperation for all agencies under the Ministry of Labour to comply with the orders of the Labour Minister and Permanent Secretary in clarifying the correct understanding to the public and to create awareness of the ministry’s policies and readiness to serve the people, within workplaces and local communities. They also emphasized that for critical cases, to report to the executive team quickly. The committee also visited the PIPO center in Chanthaburi.

Division of Public Relations/
15 March 2019