MOL Links Foreign Worker Data Through "Smart Services" to Enhance Services Provided to Industrial Operators

Thursday, 08 August 2019

            On August 8, 2019, at 15.00 hours, Deputy Permanent Secretary Pol.Maj. Romyong Surakitbanhan witnessed the signing ceremony of the Memorandum of Cooperation in data linking to facilitate services provided to industry and commercial operators. The MOC was signed between the Department of Employment and Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand at Anantara Siam Hotel, Bangkok.


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            The MOC in data linking to facilitate services to industry and commercial operators is recognized as necessary by the Department of Employment and the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand, for developing and improving the service systems of organizations to cooperate in planning, designing, developing work systems and improving work processes to increase efficiency. Data linking and facilitating the provision of services to industrial operators and commercial operators will raise the level of government services to be more efficient, by adjusting the method of the government's operation to be fully integrated. Digital technology will be applied so that the service recipients can contact the government easily, conveniently, quickly and transparently, with the least cost. The world is now entering the digital age society, or the new economic era, which uses increasingly uses data communication systems, computers, and information systems. We, therefore, need to adapt to keep pace with the rapidly changing world. This cooperation will align with the "Thailand 4.0" policy in the development of the national economy towards being more technology-driven.
            The Director-General of the Department of Employment Mrs. Petcharat Sinauy said that the essence of the cooperation is that the Department of Employment is responsible for disclosing information of foreigners who have been granted a work permit, to the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand, for use in consideration of granting permission to extend the period for foreigners to stay in the Kingdom and work in industrial estates. IEAT has to notify foreigners entering the Kingdom and working in the industrial estates under Section 47 of the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand Act, BE 2522, with the Registrar to issue work permits under Section 62 of the Work of Aliens Management Decree, BE 2550 and as amended, using information technology systems. This includes disclosing information and documents related to the request for permission to bring professionals or specialists to work in industrial estates and other related permits that must be notified to the Department of Employment.
            Director of the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand Miss Somchint Pilouk, revealed that IEAT and the Department of Employment signed the MOC in linking data to facilitate services provided to industrial and commercial operators in the process of requesting and issuing permits to foreign workers in industrial estate through information technology systems, by linking data between the two government agencies. The "Smart Services" will enable operators in the industrial estate to request online authorization effectively, at all times.



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