State Enterprise Employees Meet Labour Minister to Propose Risk-Preventing Fund and Adjust Salary Structure

Friday, 16 August 2019



        On August 16, 2019, Labour Minister M.R. Chatumongol Sonakul reported that President of the Water Supply Network and Medicine for the Nation Mr. Komsan Thongsiri and committee, totaling 20 people, asked to meet the Labour Minister to congratulate him on appointment to his new position and submit a proposal for problems regarding the rights and benefits of state enterprise employees in 2 issues, namely, the plan to establish a fund for managing risk from provident fund and to adjust the salary structure of state enterprise employees. The meeting took place at the Labour Minister's room on the 6th floor and the foyer of the Ministry of Labour. Mr. Komsan said that in the past, government policies had pushed state enterprises to change welfare after retirement, switching from the employee pension fund to a provident fund for state enterprise employees. The network believes that the said change is the wish of the government that wants the resistance in the stock market to grow, which affects the life after the retirement of state enterprise employees, especially lower-level employees with lower statuses and salaries. The group is affected by receiving money after retirement from the provident fund, which is less than pension funds. At the same time, state enterprise executives who have a high position and high salary are minimally affected due to the potential for saving and investment, as well as receiving benefits from tax exemption. The network, therefore, calls for the Ministry of Labour to support the establishment of a risk insurance fund to look after retired employees who receive the provident fund, ensuring the amount is no less than the pension fund and following the criteria that should be received.
        The President of the network also called on the Ministry of Labour to adjust the salary structure of state enterprise employees by adhering to the principles of excellent and fair personnel management. The salary structure has not been altered for over 15 years. The network asked the Labour Minister to support the claim by considering the demand in the State Enterprise Labour Relations Committee for approval from the meeting and following further steps.


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News by Chaninthorn Phettab/
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16 August 2019