Labour Minister Assigns Secretariat to Follow Up Independent Career Promotion in Chiang Mai

Friday, 23 August 2019

            On August 22, 2019, Secretariat to the Labour Minister Lt. Gen. Nuntadech Meksawat, together with the Department of Employment’s Deputy Director-General Mrs. Theinrat Nawamawat and committee, visited the area to follow up on the results of independent career promotion. The committee visited a group of homeworkers and a group that received 90 hours of Thai cooking training, to boost morale for the workers in Chiang Mai.


           Lt. Gen. Nuntadech met group leaders, viewed a product showcase and a demonstration of cloth bag making by homeworkers at No. 35, Moo 2, On Tai, Sankamphaeng, Chiang Mai. He said, “For Thailand to become stable, prosperous and sustainable, the people must have stability in life, jobs and sufficient income to live, including access to social security and a good quality of life. Self-employed workers are a large part of the nation's workforce, amounting to 21.2 million people and is an important force in driving the economy and society of the country. The government has a policy for self-employed workers to receive protection and access to various social welfare systems, equal to workers that are in the formal system. The Ministry of Labour has set urgent policies to promote and develop workers who are self-employed, to have a career with income, social security and a good quality of life, by promoting access to funding sources and markets, life insurance as an insurer under Section 40, as well as providing protection and work safety."

           The Isada cloth bag group, formed and registered as a group of homeworkers with Chiang Mai Employment Office in 2016. There are 10 members with the purpose of allowing members to earn income for their families. Products produced include shoulder bags, handbags, wallets and key rings for example. The products will be sent to King Power International Co., Ltd. and sold at markets, walking markets and the online market. The group has an average monthly income of approximately 150,000 Baht.

           From there, the group traveled to Baan Thepharam Wickerwork Group (Mae Khiao Khong Luang), No. 49/2, Moo 5, Pa Bong, Saraphi, Chiang Mai, to observe product making demonstrations and a product showcase. The Thepharam Wickerwork Group uses bamboo to make handicrafts of Ban Thepharam, passed down from ancestors. In the past, the village was filled with bamboo, or called “mai bong”. People in the village then use the bamboo baskets as belongings. In the past year, the Chiang Mai Provincial Employment Office implemented a project to promote the employment of the elderly, in careers that are appropriate for their age and experience, with 1 activity for 1 district, in 1 skill. The bamboo basket weave course had 10 participants and was initiated to preserve local wisdom. Later in the year 2019, the group was registered as a group of homeworkers with the Chiang Mai Employment Office. Membership is comprised of the elderly, disabled, and the general public. The products in the group are decorative items such as creels, baskets, bags, food carriers, vases, trash bins, tissue boxes and fans for example. There are sales channels at Chatuchak Weekend Market, Mae Chiew Shop in Ang Thong Province and online markets following customer orders. Members have an average income 40,000-50,000 Baht per month and can generate income for the community continuously and sustainably.

           Lt. Gen. Nuntadech, Mrs. Theinrat and committee then observed the "Skill Enhancement Course", a 90-hour Thai cooking course at the Skill Development Institute 19, Chiang Mai, Don Kaeo, Mae Rim, Chiang Mai. There were 20 trainees, both employed and unemployed, such as private entrepreneurs, trishaw hires, chefs, waiters, assistant chefs, students and students. The course taught the making of boiled chili paste, salads, Thai single dishes, desserts, including fruit and vegetable carving. By completing the 90-hours of Thai cooking training, the trainees can take the National Skill Standards test and expand their skills into a main or supplementary occupation.



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