Permanent Secretary of Labour Awards Trainees in NPD3 Program

19 กรกฎาคม 2019

            Permanent Secretary of Labour awarded certificates to 43 people in the third batch of trainees who passed the "The Leader of Change for the 3rd Generation of Labour Development" (NPD 3) program. The course is under the project to support the strategy of strengthening health and safety in the workplace for the quality of life of local workers in the eastern region.


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            On July 19, 2019, at 13.30 hours, Permanent Secretary of Labour Mr. Suthi Sukosol chaired the awarding of the certification of completion for trainees who passed "The Leader of Change for the 3rd Generation of Labour Development" (NPD 3) program. The ceremony took place at the Busarakam Room, Avani Atrium Hotel, Bangkok. The Permanent Secretary said, “I am honoured for the opportunity to award trainees under "The Leader of Change for the 3rd Generation of Labour Development" program, which is part of the project to support the drive of strategy to enhance health and safety in the workplace for the quality of life of workers in the Eastern region (Healthy and Safety Thailand) today.”
           “The government gives importance to the foundation of the nation and has formed the 20-year national strategy, which is defined as a working compass. Therefore, human resource development in the country, which is the main mission of the Ministry of Labour, must be consistent with the changing context. In driving the strategy, it is necessary to rely on visionary leaders, including cooperation between relevant network partners. The NPD program has participants that are government officials under the Ministry of Labour, the private sector, employers, employees, journalists and academics, and is suitable for situations in which the ministry gives importance to including joint thinking and following bilateral, tripartite and multilateral systems. These are important principles of modern management that require leaders who have a new paradigm to understand people around the world, have new knowledge and skills necessary to work in complex labour circles and be able to adapt quickly. It is a new type of leadership where leaders are prepared to engage in collective leadership or be a change agent to increase work potential.”
            “Training with both theory and practice in the area and voluntary enterprises as a model organization, allow people to work together to solve problems in the form of the R2R (Routine to Research) concept; it is an innovate way of training. Courses will not achieve results if you do not apply and continue the application. Therefore, I wish you all to educate and share experiences gained to add value as an executive and practitioner who must deal with changes that are happening quickly. You will be able to convert policies into practice, supervise, promote and support people to work effectively which will benefit the workforce, creating morale in the workplace, as well as good welfare for people in the organization. On behalf of the Ministry of Labour, I would like to thank the Thai Health Promotion Foundation (ThaiHealth), the Association of Change Leaders for Workforce Development, the Faculty of Education and Human Resources at Thammasat University, Kalayamitr, lecturers and researchers from Burapha University for providing the training to develop change leaders in workforce development. I want to thank all training participants who are committed to sharing knowledge, understanding, networking and sharing knowledge,” concluded the Permanent Secretary.
            In addition, the Permanent Secretary of Labour also gave guidelines for work and reiterated that health must come first, followed by work and society as well as keeping pace with IT technology; if leaders can excel in areas things, success will follow.



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19 July 2019/