MOL Creates Network of News Personnel to Improve Public Service Efficiency

23 สิงหาคม 2019

            The Ministry of Labour organized a seminar to create a network of news personnel to monitor the situation both at locally and abroad, creating a corporate identity to increase efficiency in providing comprehensive labour services to the people. 


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            On August 23, 2019, Deputy Permanent Secretary of Labour Mr. Viwat Jiraphanvanich presided over the opening ceremony and gave a keynote address on the importance of news and situations affecting the efficiency of labour services at the seminar to improve labour service efficiency by creating a news network and monitoring situations that affects the Ministry of Labour. The event took place at Vibhavadi 1 Room, Princeton Park Suites Hotel, Bangkok. He said that the Ministry of Labour has the mission to care for, protect and organize labour welfare rights for workers who are in the system, informal workers, Thai workers abroad and foreign workers who work in Thailand legally. In addition, it relates to security, the economy and society by promoting employment, income and a good quality of life. A workforce with these elements will result in a good economy leading to sustainable national development, whereby crime or family problems will not occur, meaning that society will live together peacefully.

            Mr. Vivat continued that the Ministry of Labour has been monitoring important situations both domestically and internationally, such as demonstrations, accident, fraud or smuggling of Thai workers into foreign countries, illegal immigration or other important situations with restrictions on data sources, providing fast and accurate news. He said that news operations may encounter problems and obstacles, therefore creating a network to exchange important information with accurate and complete content will benefit management and set guidelines for providing services to the public. A news network will also enable the exchange of important information to use for the operations of each department more efficiently.

            This seminar had a special lecture on the topic of "security threats that need to be realized", group discussions and exchanges to drive news networks and ways of integrating collaboration. Representatives from the Internal Security Operations Command (ISOC) also participated and there were activities to practice news in different situations. Participants in the seminar consisted of government officials, officials from the Ministry of Labour, government representatives, and representatives from the private sector involved in news and situation monitoring, and labour volunteers, totaling 80 people.



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News by Chaninthorn Phettab/
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23 August 2019