Office of Labour Affairs in Japan discusses with the president of Friends Cooperative Association

On 16 November 2010, Mr. Keiichi Okano, President of Friends Cooperative Association in Hiroshima came to meet with Mr. Kamol Sawatchukeo, Minister Counsellor (Labour) to discuss and find ways to promote & extend Thai trainees quota and Thai trainee cares at the Office of Labour Affairs in Japan. The details are summarized as following:

Taiwan Council of Economic Research forecasts Taiwan’s GDP to rise to 8.91 %, the same level as before the global financial crisis

Taiwan Council of Economic Research raised its forecast for Taiwan’s 2010 economic growth to 8.91, on 9 November. The GDP surge is due to several factors including modest recovery of the global economy, and the expansion of new economies in Asia, where Taiwan rely on as export markets to recover its GDP to the level before the global economic crisis.

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